Child Protective Services and me

I’m very angry about something that has happened in the last few weeks and since doing research, I am even more upset.  My daughter will be 18 years old in 3 months. One night, I was cooking dinner when I looked outside and saw about 10 police officers surrounding the house that I share with another lady.  I was in the middle of an all out police search. The officers came to my door and asked who was in the house with me, I said my teen and her friends were somewhere, probably up in her attic room. The police basically intimidated me into letting them in the door and after telling me how good my cooking dinner smelled got to the attic stairs across the house.  They took me aside and told me that this could go easy or hard and I could let them in to search for stolen property or they would come in anyway and rip the house apart looking.  They also informed me that they smelled marijuana coming from the attic and would take any pot they found as well.  I gave them permission as I had just moved in with this lady and didn’t want her whole house torn up.  I went up to my daughter’s bedroom with them and watched as they removed a laptop that had been reported stolen as well as some alcohol.  I then watched in horror as they pulled a clump of marijuana out from under my daughters bed, 10 ounces.  There were 3 other teens in her room and the weed did not belong to my daughter. The police explained that one of my daughters friends had robbed some houses that day and admitted to leaving stolen property in my daughters room.

There  were no charges pressed but a week later, I opened my door to find Child protective services of Delaware at my home.  I was in shock to say the least. My daughter will be an adult herself in 3 months and I didn’t see any reason for them to be there. I stupidly let them in and cooperated too much convicting myself with every word I spoke.  The angriest, nastiest woman I have ever met told me that I was accused of child neglect for knowing my daughter smoked weed.  I explained that I knew this because my daughter and I had an honest relationship but that I did not condone it or do any drugs myself.  I did not know they were smoking the night the police came because I was on the other side of the house cooking a delicious smelling meal.  It was a terribly humiliating experience because they basically searched the whole house just looking for things to get me with and twisting my words to build a case.  I had a bad attitude because I thought it was ridiculous to waste time investigating me with an almost adult daughter while other tiny children are actually being abused. I remained calm and polite but felt invaded. My daughter was pretty nasty to them as they searched her room. Long story short, I was put on a child abuse registry for ” severely neglecting my daughter emotionally by ignoring her pot smoking.  ” I explained that I didn’t know they were smoking as I was cooking and smelling dinner and that I did know that my daughter has smoked pot. I also said that I have called the police and had my daughter evaluated in the past and that they usually did such things when I was not around or was sleeping.  I was told I wasn’t allowed to sleep.  Sleeping was neglecting my daughter. Seriously!?

When I was a teen, my parents were very strict, thought all drugs were heroin and watched my every move. This did not stop me from doing what I wanted, I just learned to be a very good and manipulative liar.  I did all kinds of drugs, met boys and drank and my parents never knew.  I wish I could have discussed drugs and sex with my mother and maybe I would not have made future mistakes.  Now, however, my daughter being honest with me and me being honest with them has caused me to be labeled a child abuser.

As as a lesson for anyone reading, this could happen to any of you that have teens hanging at you’re homes.  Never tell CPS anything thinking they are there to understand and help because they are evil.  I researched other CPS cases after mine and am shocked at the level of corruption in the department.  Watching them take small children from good parents and put them into foster care.  I know there are cases that warrant such action, however more often than not, people are reported by nasty neighbors or people with grudges for no reason,  the children are always begging for their parents even if they aren’t perfect and it really opened my eyes to this abuse of power.  I am so glad my youngest child is almost 18 because I couldn’t bear to have these unqualified, nasty people taking over my life and making me jump through hoops to keep my children. My daughter was so attached to me that it would have killed both of us to be seperated, even now.  Thank God she’s too old for their kidnapping and adoption.   Children are always better off with parents that love them than in foster care unless there is real and dangerous abuse. The cases I’ve seen, are ridiculous. You can watch them on YouTube. I also watched the sad cases of real abused children thst were beaten and killed by parents or step parents so I understand that side, I do. But come on, I’m a child abuser because my daughter has tried pot? I really hate my worker , Amy with a passion and wonder if she has children or if she even ever smiles. I also have to worry for the next 3 months that my daughter will do something else stupid that teens do to get me in more trouble.  The bottom line is most of the CPS workers are overworked and evil.  The ones that really help the abused are doing their jobs.  I also wonder if a child was being tortured during the 2 hours CPS was over here grilling me. Waste of time and resources!  Don’t even get me started on the cops! That’s for another post. Thanks for reading and beware CPS. Say as little As possible and consult a lawyer.



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